Feathers, FEATHERS Everywhere!
By now you know I love feathers in design. Why? They’re full of color, texture and remind me of freedom.
I came across this inspirational article by EzineArticles.com expert author Lucie Haskins. I couldn't believe how up my Park Avenue Apartment's alley it was! She finds that feathers inadvertently end up being her muse. Read the excerpt below
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...and now I'm
seeing feathers

all around again.
Lucie Haskins

PHOTO : Francoise Dischinger

Law of Attraction
Feathers As Symbols of Change
by Lucie Haskins:

“FOR THE SECOND TIME IN MY LIFE, feathers are appearing in my path.
Just the other day, I opened my front door and there was a single feather, right on the doormat.

“Of course, one feather, all by itself, wouldn't register as anything out of the ordinary. But this feather is just one of a series that I have encountered recently. And because of a similar experience with feathers about 10 years ago, I am very sensitized to noticing them now. I know the law of attraction is again at work in my life.

“Ten years ago, my mother was deteriorating physically and mentally. She lived two thousand miles away, with my father. And he could no longer care for her by himself. I wanted to find a way to help but I had a busy life in Colorado: a husband, two grown kids who lived nearby, a demanding job, and equally demanding volunteer responsibilities. Yet I continued to yearn to find some way help my father for the year or so I thought he would need me. This was radical thinking on my part. How could I abandon my husband and kids and traipse off to New Jersey?

“So, I kept ignoring my inner voice. But everywhere I went, I kept spotting feathers... little ones, big ones, dark ones, white ones. Once I started noticing them, it became quite amusing... and quite apparent to me that the universe was trying to get my attention -- telling me that anything was possible. That was the first time I experienced the law of attraction in such a forceful manner.

“After six months of conflict, I was worn out from all the indecision (and all the feathers) and my inability to put my yearning to rest. Even though it went against everything I had been taught and had internalized, I finally gave in and gave up trying to control the outcome. And that changed everything.”

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If happy little bluebirds fly
beyond the rainbow,
why, oh why can't I?

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