of Gold

ALTHOUGH this issue is about ways to bring the outdoors in during cold winter months—when most of us strive to keep the elements at bay—everyone needs fresh air! Counter that cooped-up feeling with a fun winter art project that gets your whole family outside.

     really is the
best art.”
–Andy Warhol

TRY THIS: Grab your camera and your kids and embark on a series of nature photographs that teach your little ones how to observe and enjoy nature’s beauty even in the bleakest months. It’s a great way to get outside, get inspired—and to get affordable artwork for your walls in the process. Photograph the same thing—a tree, your back yard, the front of your house, even a view from a window—from the same vantage point at different times of the day. Then blow up the photographs and frame them together in a series.

FOR INSPIRATION: Take a look at our FLICKR Gallery of images of wheatfields,
shot at different times of the day.

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