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WELCOME TO THE MUDROOM, THE PLACE WHERE FRIENDS ENTER, CONVERSATION HAPPENS, AND SHOES COME OFF. We built this site as a virtual house, arranged by rooms, but don’t expect your traditional room-by-room portfolio. Like life, what happens in these rooms is sometimes about design and sometimes about what happens after the design is done. For me, a home is more than its furniture; it’s the stories told at bedtime, the food in the fridge, the objects you love and never throw out. In other words, a home is the life inside. No matter how many rooms your house has, there’s room for living large. 
You may remember me from TLC’s hit series Trading Spaces. Or you may have seen me traipsing around the Upper East Side of NYC with an armload of feathers. Regardless, my latest venture marries my design experience with my life experience in a way that will hopefully inspire you to consider your lifestyle when approaching a project.
The first step of any design (or life-changing) project is finding inspiration. So this launch issue of Laura Day Living is built around my Park Avenue flat, a project inspired by natural curiosities. I'm curious by nature, and curious about nature, so I tend to gravitate toward natural things and people who use nature as their muse.

Take Torde Boontje (one of my I LOVE THESE ). Tord makes the most fantastical things come to life. And meet Lucie Haskins (in THE DEN), who sees feathers every time she needs change in her life. Are the feathers the catalyst, or the sign of change? No one knows, but whatever the case, it is feathers that let her know it is time.

There’s lots to discover and people to meet, so step inside, explore the rooms, and get inspired. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  

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