PHOTO : Nancy Nolan

“Life is

a great big
and you should

all the
you can on it.”

—Danny Kaye

Our focus this issue

SUMMER, AH SUMMER! THE SEASON EVOKES FEELINGS OF FREEDOM, BARE FEET, FAMILY AND FUN. It's our blank coloring book waiting to be filled with the sounds laughter and playful tales from long and lazy summer days. We color our books with picnics, popsicles, colorful accessories, and, if nothing else, bright nail polish! At the end, we see our summer story — big and beautiful — unmatched until the next summer rolls around. 

How is it that a winter's day feels just as heavy as the wool sweaters and endless galoshes we are forced to wear, and a summer's day seems to simply fly away? 

Even summer movies are lighter, the stars brighter. Now do you hear the beach music, the sounds of the season? For a little help, go to the MEDIA ROOM where you will find a perfect summer's day compilation by our guest DJ (and a new player that lets you listen while you surf). Suddenly, we feel the need to lighten up interiors, open the windows, and let the summer breezes in. In this issue we embrace the colors of life with family and friends. In the GUEST ROOM, you meet Jennifer Delonge as she talks about her design philosophy, her brilliant kids' line and the beautiful home she has created for her family. Jennifer is not alone in her sophisticated children's furniture designs, check out the pint-sized chairs that pack a real punch in the FAMILY ROOM. In a time where we open up our kitchens to our family rooms, and break down walls to make bigger, more encompassing spaces, it just makes sense to break down design walls, too. See the HOME OFFICE, where we do just  that! 

Living happens in every room of your home, so loosen things up to make each room more comfortable for everyone, big AND small. Mini chairs can live with big ones, priceless antiques can live with wooden blocks, and a guest room should please not only your peers, but their little ones as well. After all, whether we have kids of our own, or nieces and nephews, or clients and friends, we are all touched by children in one way or another — they color our world!