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A New Point of View
I?n my Madison Avenue apartment, I found real balance through letting go. Letting go of a plan for the design and letting go of my ideas of what is furniture and what is art. I put this apartment together with pieces I love and couldn’t live without, period. I left myself open to respond to the space and the objects in it. And, I then I found many sources of inspiration… a Jimmy Choo shopping bag inspired the wall color, which balanced the metals that gave the room punch. I was moved by artists new to me, as well as those I have admired forever. If I saw something I liked, I did the work and either found a way to afford it or made it myself. Each piece was revealed through my eyes looking at the world without a master plan, from a new point of view.
Above: Gio Ponti and Piero Fornasetti “Pistol Key Desk," Andrew Moore "Organ Screen Detroit,"
and antique quartz Crystal Lamps

“Life shrinks or
expands in proportion
to one’s courage.”

Anais Nin, Diary, 1969