04.29.2013 / TIPS

Toddlers on Technology

For anyone who has had a child since the iPad has been around, you understand the uncertainty that goes with letting you child spend their time engrosses in apps. Yes, the iPad is a godsend for keeping your child quiet and content, but is it any good for them? I keep hearing in my head "It will rot your brain" --but that was for TV. Is there a difference?

Finally a parents guide book on what kinds of technology are good for kids, and what to limit. This is on the top of my kindle reading list!

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11.23.2012 / TIPS

The Big Holiday Clean-up

After all your guests stumble home you'll want to give your house a thorough cleaning. I'm currently obsessed with Caldrea products. Their cleaners are thoughtfully designed around scent with the intention of creating in each home a signature fragrance not unlike choosing one's personal perfume. They have a wide range of scents including seasonals like1Vanilla Quince Santal and1Crimson Pear Ginger, but my go-to is No.151Ginger Pomelo.

They even offer a cleaning essentials set with everything you'll need to clean your home.

This would make such a great hostess gift!

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07.13.2012 / Guests

Guest Room Essentials

Now that summer is in full swing I'm entertaining house guests more than usual.iNot only is there an art to being a good guest, but also to being a good host.

According to Emily Post, "
Inviting friends and family to stay at your home can be a wonderful experience for you and your guests; it can also be a stressful and uncomfortable experience if basic respects do not occur. Living space is personal, and can be delicate to share or enter into. If clear communication and prior planning are involved, more attention can be paid to the enjoyable details and less on the technicalities."

I like to get things off on the right foot by making sure that my guest room is stocked with a few thoughtful essentials that allow my visitors to tend to their needs without feeling like they are inconveniencing me. Here are a few of my favorite items:

1.Le Labo Candlei2.Multiple outlet plugi3.Summer readingi4.Pantone toothbrushes
5.Wooden Hangersi6.Cashmere slippersi7.Jonathan Adler pill carafei8.Luggage rack

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06.01.2010 / Guests

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest...

It was hard for me to pick only 5 Bedroom Essentials for a Guest Room, and I realized that I left out a very essential essential, pillow candy! One of the best parts about staying at a hotel is getting some delicious treats left mysteriously on your pillow. Why not recreate that feeling for your Summer guests? I would leave the 4-pack blue box of hand-painted chocolate from Maribelle New York. The chocolates are all so unique and come in flavors like champagne and early grey tea!

Even the packaging is tres chic!

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