06.02.2010 / Susanna Salk

Room for Children, Stylish Spaces for Sleep and Play by Susanna Salk

We all want to create the most beautiful, cute, or magical (depending on the parent), spaces for our children. Susanna Salk brings to us the first big beautiful book of kids rooms that I have seen! If you want inspiration on how to create the perfect space for your child, all you have to do is open to any page in this book and there you will be, looking at inspiration! If you'd like to see for yourself, you can buy the book here.

I have personally been in a couple of these rooms and talked about them after. Isn't it interesting how a well conceived space can leave such an imprint on you?

Some of my faves:

Page 100-101:
I was once in this room when I was talking with Sam White (the Architect who did this space) about renovating our little house. I remember walking around the corner and looking in and feeling a moment of a gasp! It is so simple and so fun all at the same time! It is a complete room, no doubt about it! Talk about a quiet scream! That's how I would describe this room, and that is a compliment!

Page 36:
Besides the fact that this room is just plain awesome, I fell in love with the fact that the digital canvas walls were done by the father who is a photographer (a very famous one at that.) I wonder if he'd tell me how he did that! The image he chose is absolutely stunning and, as he had intended, it adds such depth to this room. What a wonderful thing for a child to look back on!

Page 29:
Man does this space spell out C-H-I-C! I love the loft-like feel, it's so open and airy yet beautifully anchored by the flanking chairs.

My advise on designing spaces for children would be to choose your pieces wisely because if you do, they will be able to grow with your child. Also, something I've learned in doing children's rooms, which has only been reinforced by this amazing book, is not to forget to have FUN. Kids are only kids for a short time and they have the rest of their lives to have a serious room void of stuffed animals and rocking horses. Let your imagination run wild and you and your children WILL NOT be disappointed!

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