11.19.2010 / Stephanie Hirsch

Stephanie-Dawn Beaded Works

Beads on Canvas, 60" x 42"

Close-up detail of Stephanie's various work.

I was fortunate enough to spend time with Stephanie Hirsch, also know as the artist Stephanie Dawn. Stephanie is a true renassiance women being that she's a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur, designer and artist. I was able to see her hand-made works on canvas that encorporate beadwork, embroidery, and even actual coins! I have to say that I not only loved her work, but feel like I met someone totally inspiring and full of spirit, which is totally obvious in her work! After going through a rough period, Stephanie realized that one of the things that pulled her though were her mantras. She would post them everywhere and eventually started sketching them down. Being the designer/artists that she is, it "Dawned" on her that these would be as beautiful visually as they are spiritually. That's when she turned her designs into art! Visit her website to see more about her and her amazing pieces. They're like the jewelry to the proverbial outfit of a home!

I LOVE and totally relate to this philosophy of hers:

"Religion is for people that don't want to go to hell.
Spirituality is for those of us that have been there."

There is no better saying that captures the emotion of Stephanie Dawn's first series of works titled "Freedom of The Mind: Freedom of the Soul".

This series delves into the deeper or double meaning of words and sayings with both humor and enlightenment. "Initially, sayings can be static," Stephanie says, "but once we apply our life experiences they can have infinite meanings."

To convey her messages, she bridges the gap between fashion and art by utilizing beads and embroidery, which give her artwork a three-dimensional depth. The metallic sheen of the medium also serves to remind us that the mantras can shine a positive light on our inner struggles, both literally and figuratively.

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By Alissa on June 28, 2011 09:31 AM
Stephanie's art is truly phenomenal. if you'd like to take a look at more of her pieces as well as find out her inspiration, check out the interview on closette-too! --> http://www.clos-ettetoo.com/blogs/clos-ette-favorites/3476662-clos-ette-favorite-stephanie-hirsch