06.16.2010 / Spin Art Art

Still Spinnin'!

As you may have seen in our Craft Room Video, all of the kids had a blast playing in the Central Park with spin art machines and LOTS of paint! Ever since we filmed the video, my daughter will NOT stop asking to do Spin Art. I guess I started it, so how can I say no? A few weeks ago, Livvy, my mom, and I packed up and headed to the park to create more custom pieces of art.

You can NEVER use enough glitter.

Livvy and Grandma Kiki!

I always think she sparkles but in this case, she really did! So did the rest of us, and my apartment for the next week!

So, if you are ever in need of something to do with the kiddos, just go out in the yard and start spinnin'!
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