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Rose Colored Glasses

As Spring is around the corner, and the Vitamin D is making us all a bit more tolerable and tolerating, it's time to think of ways that we can give back to our communities. Being involved in charities and other volunteer organizations is such an important part of life. No matter how busy you are, or how much you value your time, giving back is a must! This week, we're going to be telling you about local charities and organizations in the New York area. That doesn't mean we don't encourage those living in the entire nation to find out more about your local chairities, and perhaps even start one of your own!

I want to tell you about an organization that is near and dear to my heart: Publicolor. Publicolor is a founder-run, not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 1996. They have one mission:

"We use color, collaboration, design and the painting process to re-engage students in their education, schools and communities; to ultimately transform them into productive members of our workforce."

I was introduced to Publicolor by Doug Wilson when we were on Trading Spaces together. It is a wonderful organization that I have since supported. I have always whole heartedly believed in "teach a man/woman/child to fish" motto and I believe that Publicolor does just that.

Myself and my table mates at last year's Publicolor Stir Splatter and Roll Event.

From Left: Ronda Carman from www.allthebestblog.co.uk, Michele Adams from www.lonnymag.com, Julia Noran from www.editoratlarge.com, myself, and Tanya Quick from www.languagedept.com

Publicolor partnered with Post-it Brand to host the Post-it Brand 30th Anniversary Billboard Student Design Contest. The winning design (composed entirely of post-it notes) was showcased in Grand Central Station's Vanderbilt Hall in August of 2010.

Publicolor transformed four academies housed in Monroe Educational Complex in Soundview, Bronx. Previously, the building was dilapidated, suffering leaks and rodent infestation, and the neighborhood experienced a high amount of gang violence. After the transformation, school attendance increased and graffiti was virtually eliminated.

For more information on how to become involved in Publicolor, visit their website: www.publicolor.org

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