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It's All In The Name...Or Is It?

The other day I was talking with my friend Julia Noran of The Editor At Large about logos and how extremely important they can be. A successful logo can take a brand to heights it may not have seen otherwise-think Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, McDonalds, Nike, Target, etc. Julia and I were specifically discussing the Tory Burch logo. It's so perfect in so many ways! It really takes a great logo to be able to put it on every article of clothing you produce and have people dying to buy it. I have always wondered who created that logo and now I know-MODCo Creative Inc. designed her logo! MODCo stands for "My Own Damn Company"-SERIOUSLY! MODCo was founded by Sara Rotman and if she is not the epitomy of cool, I don't know who is! Tattoos and stilettos-need I say more? I saw a post on Design Therapy last week that featured MODCo's founder Sara Rotman's eco-friendly modernist house designed by David Mann. Their relationship began when Sara chose David to design Tory Burch's original NoLita store. I will never forget the first time I walked in to that store way back when! It took my breath away! David Mann is a genius! So, it is not surprising that when these two geniuses collaborate on anything-the result is explosive! See for yourself:

MODCo truly nailed it with this logo. It's so appropriately integrated into everything that they do. Can you imagine "Tory Burch" with a different logo?

Here's Tory's NoLita store by the fabulous David Mann. Tres tres chic!

You know upon first approach that inside of this house, dwells a creative mind! Aren't you intrigued?

I love the natural light that floods through!

I love that this house is all about the woman who commissioned it and the collaboration between two of the most creative people I know of. The results speak for themselves!

Click here for the full story on this project as told by the New York Times.

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