02.10.2012 / Neon

Neon Pop

Round up the Week with a Pop...
of neon, that is!

Neon Spotlight:

Bangkok University Creative Center

Supermachine Studio in Bangkok, Thailand, is a group of four multitasking architects

Supermachine’s latest achievement is the interior design of two floors of one of Bangkok University’s new four-storey
buildings that form the new, spectacular Landmark complex, designed by Bangkok-based 49 Group

One of Supermachine’s solutions was the “Lo-Fi pixel wall” at the entrance. They covered a 180 square-meter wall surface
with 10,000 custom-made rotating four-sided plastic pieces. Each piece has a pink, blue, green and yellow side. Students
can rotate each unite and create color patterns, write messages or just experiment with the tactile wall.How cool is that!

This peice is from Yago Hortal, whose work is amazing!

I love this desk by Alexandra Von Furstenberg

This neon satchel is this seasons it bag designed by The Cambridge Satchel Company

Not sure whose these are but they are definitely worth tracking down!

A little goes a long way, so just have fun with color!

-Jonathon Adler

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02.09.2012 / Neon

Neon Technicolor

SSShhhh...This just in:Not all neon has to be loud!

One thing is for sure, this week's neon focus has me dreaming in technicolor.

For those of you who love strong color, but not loud color, this is for you!

This is the opening of
"We Miss You Magic Land" in Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art. It is an
installation geared towards kids for the museum's fifth anniversary.
I swear I wanted to immediately board a plane and go to Australia-kids and all!
But, alas, reality set in and I will just dream about the magic!

"We miss you magic land"

Anyone else feeling like going to get some candy?

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02.08.2012 / Neon

Neon Splash

This is the perfect example of using splashes of neon!

From Mr. Jonathon Adler

If I were this room, here's an accessory I would yearn for:

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Tray

Or, how would you LOVE to design a room around this chair?

Jimmie Martin


And, like putting together a great room, one must put together their outfit with the same pizzaz!
Here are some accessories that are a must:

These Beethoven Chains are by Ambush but seem to be sold out everywhere!
Still, check out Fruition LV for other very cool Ambush must haves!


While all of this is running around in your head,
can you believe that even Coco is in on the act?


Of course, Louis would never be left out of a such a cool trend!

Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton

Poppy & Spence

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02.07.2012 / Neon

Neon + Neutrals


Loving Abigal Ahern's use of neon against
a neutral dark grey in her interior design work.

I love this dark sophisticated smokey mantel paired with these bright pink
painted letters that can make for a fun and easy DIY project.

Great way to update your old boring wardrobe by simply adding bright paint to the handles.


This apartment in Sydney by the same designer took the same cues.

It's always important to be mindful of how you incorporate neons into
your home. Pairing bright colors with dark neutrals is a sure-fire way
of making these subtle vibrant accents to your home really pop!


Amazing ceramics by Maison Sauvage.


Even in fashion you can temper bright pieces with classic neutrals! This keeps
things looking stylish and refined, rather than over-the-top.


Charge up your look with Giuseppe Zanotti's high-voltage
pumps. Neon-bright, they speak for themselves.


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02.06.2012 / Neon

Neon Forever!

Neon is the color of the day! In fashion, home, and all things visual, Neon is the way today!

I am so in love with this new trend that I am dedicating the entire week to it. Tune in to hear about the loudest colors.

DIY: Here is a fun and easy idea to add a touch of neon to your home

Take an apple (or many) and paint it PINK! These apples would be the apple of anybody's eye!


Neon ampersand art by:Ampersand Shop

as if that weren't enough...
Jimmie Martin is a long time favorite of mine, and his busts in neon are super cool! Gives that marble bust of Ben Franklin a run for his money

Above available at:www.jimmiemartin.com


And, you know that the king of Happy, Mr. Jonathon Adler has always used pops of neon in his interiors:


Twiggy rocks in neon

And, the runways are full of it


I always love pure white anything, but pure white with neon brights is the perfect complement.


You can always brighten up your day with these neon accessories picks:

Emilio Pucci
Neon python iPad case ($830)

Or, these awesome shoes by Brian Atwood...What an exclamation point to your outfit!

Have a happy NEON day!


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