11.29.2010 / Marilyn Minter

Marilyn Minter & Jimmy Choo

One Choo

Two Choo

Three Choo...


WOW! Look what came in the mail yesterday. This catalog has two of my favorite things-shoes and Marilyn Minter! After recognizing Marilyn's work, I logged on to JimmyChoo.com only to find out the following:

"To mark the occasion Jimmy Choo Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Tamara Mellon collaborated with renowned photographer and painter Marilyn Minter to create striking imagery of the Crystal Anniversary Collection."

“In celebrating our 15 years I wanted to create a modern glamour that stands for the style and imagination of Jimmy Choo. I was inspired by vintage jewellery to add sparkling and luminous details to iconic Jimmy Choo shapes. But these are not the jeweled shoes of the past and instead show jewels in a modern and edgy way. I have long been a collector and a fan of Marilyn’s work and know that she can capture the essence of my vision.” Tamara Mellon, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jimmy Choo."

For more on Marilyn Minter, visit our Artist Studio.

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11.04.2010 / Marilyn Minter

TV as Art? Is that a Marilyn Minter installation?

A constant battle in our home is the television. I don't like it on, and I wish there was a way to hide it away! During a recent photoshoot of my Living Room, I had an idea! I put up video stills of the official trailer of photographer Marilyn Minter's first video "Green Pink Caviar." The eight minute high def video that was made in 2009 is a "lush and sensual voyeuristic hallucination." The video was inspired by a photoshoot where Minter directed her models to lick brightly colored candy while she shot photos from underneath a glass plate. Take a look at how freezing the video in different places creates a completely different mood in each shot. It's practically like hanging a different piece of art on the wall!

Here's the amazing video itself:

Madonna used the video on her Sticky & Sweet European 2009 Tour

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10.27.2010 / Marilyn Minter

Patte Loper

Some of you (hopefully most of you!) may remember Volume 1 of Laura Day Making Rooms For Living that featured my Park Avenue apartment. The above image is a sitting area I had off of the Living Room that featured a piece of art from an artist that I LOVE-Patte Loper. As our next volume is all about art, artists, and curating, I've found myself frequenting Artnet.com, 1stDibs.com, and websites from just about every gallery in New York City. Much to my delight, I found out that Miss Loper happens to be showing some of her new pieces at the Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea, NY.

Click here to see her pieces as well as the work of other artists that Lyons Wier Gallery represent. Also, if you're in Manhattan, stop by to see these pieces in person!

You Run Through Here With Your Words of Sand Acrylic and oil on paper, 17 x 22 inches

While My Heart Is Still Beating acrylic and oil on paper, 16 x 22 inches

Until I Hear You Sigh Here Acrylic and oil on paper, 17 x 22 inches

The Sky is Burning, the Sea Aflame Acrylic and oil on paper, 16 x 22 inches

We Had Pierced the Veneer of Outside Things and Scattered into a Diaspora of the Amazing Oil on paper, 80.5 x 58 inches

We're the Restless Hearted, Not the Chained and Bound Acrylic and oil on paper, 16 x 22 inches

I Can Hear Your Laughter, See Your Smile Acrylic and oil on paper, 22 x 17 inches

We're Too Young to Reason, Too Grown Up to Dream Acrylic and oil on paper, 16 x 22 inches

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