01.16.2013 / INTERIOR DESIGN

Yard Sale

It's been a crazy few weeks since Christmas! We're sad to say goodbye to our "Madison avenue nest" of several years but it's time to move on. We've packed our bags and are headed north, well by a couple of blocks. And I'm so excited about our new home which we're hoping to move into any day now.

But first things first, I need to do a little spring cleaning and by that I mean find new homes for some of my most cherished pieces that don't work in our new house.

1.Pair of Sofas from ABC Carpet and Home
2. MirrorediCredenza from Darryll Dean Antiques
3.11'x17' rug from ABC Carpet and Home
4.Blue Settee
5.Springer Table w/ leaf
6.12iMilo Baughman white leather dining chairs
7.Marilyn Minter "Shinola"
8.Large china hutch
9.Pink1ABC Carpet & Home Chandelier
10.Tufted Bed

If you're interested in any of these pieces please send any inquires to info@lauradayliving.com.

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10.22.2012 / INTERIOR DESIGN

Feeling Horney?

Maybe it's a sign of the season but I've been seeing antlers popping up all over the place lately. I love the look of a set of antlers above a big stone fireplace in a classic hunting lodge setting, but these antlers are a departure from their stuffy roots. Now faux antlers are seen in array of materials, often in bleached out white or glam metallics. And they are being repurposed in lighting, coat racks, even jewelry! I'm especially drawn to a white antler collection on a dark background!

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10.19.2012 / INTERIOR DESIGN

Its Easy Being Green

Whether dressing up a window treatment, upholstered on a chair, or plastered to a wall, malachite gives any room a regal look. This deep green crystalihas been transformed into pattern for use in interiors. Two of the best in my opinion are the Cole & Son wallpaper and a very affordable fabric by Spoonflower. Take a look at these stunning applications!






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10.15.2012 / INTERIOR DESIGN

I Saw the Sign

I've been seeing a lot of interiors that incorparte the use of vintage signs. I think this is a really cleaver way of adding a bit of whimsy to your room and also a great alternative to more traditional art. My favorite signs even incorporate lighting! Here are a few of examples:

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02.27.2012 / INTERIOR DESIGN

Rip this Room: Day 1

I absolutely adore Jackie Astier's library featured in this month's issue of Elle Decor. But from what I can tell virtually every item in this room is custom, vintage, or just plain expensive!

Although, I am loving her two major purchases from Ebay!

I believe that a beautiful interior doesn’t have to break the budget so I’m going to devote the entire week to hacking this room.

Unless you’re a furniture builder let’s start with the items that need to be purchased.

The sofa...
in the inspiration image is a rare vintage sofa c.1950's byiEdward Wormley for Dunbar that has been reupholstered in rich lavender velvet. It’s sure to be pricey!iWe found a less expensive option in the 98” Kensington sofa by Restoration Hardwareiupholstered in their vintage velvet fog.

The diamond print rug...
is a hand woven Moroccan import from Wunderley. Our version achieves the same effect for a lot less while staying within the same color tones.

The brass cocktail table...is by Mastercraft c.1970’s with and inlaid glass top. Our version has the same mirrored top and a tiered base.

The side table...in the inspiration photo is made of rare burled wood with gold hardware and was found on ebay. It would be near impossible to locate its counterpart. We found a comparable version by Jonathan Adler.

Tomorrow we'll look at how to DIY the Damien Hirst lithograph above the sofa...!

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03.16.2011 / INTERIOR DESIGN

Bling...for your HOME

Photo Credit: Maria Ferrari

Interior Designer Michelle Bergeron has created a new Natural Collection for SKATEMODERNE...home bling, featuring furniture and wall panelings with couture shagreen, mid-century silhouettes, exotic textures, rock crystals and custom hardware. The line will be debuted at booth #124 during this week's Architectural Digest Home Design Show, but we have a sneak preview of the fabulous line here.

Photo Credit: Maria Ferrari

Pictured here are the Deco Fern cabinet (left) made of SKATEMODERNE'S durable faux shagreen that's available in any color, design or pattern. Also pictures is the Amethyst buffet (right) that is made of rosewood with tan peacock feathers embellished on the couture shagreen doors with, brace yourself, amethyst rock crystal cabinet pulls! Now I can see why they refer to it as "home bling."

Photo Credit: Maria Ferrari

The Serenity side table is made of the line's signature faux shagreen. Even better, this table has a matching desk (not pictured here.)

Photo Credit: Maria Ferrari

The Zen coffee table sits on a steel base that is veneered in rosewood with a geometric shagreen pattern and central agate inlay.

For more information please visit www.skatemoderne.com and for more information on the Architectural Digest Home Show.

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02.24.2011 / INTERIOR DESIGN

Horchow Travel Inspiration

I received the Horchow 2012 Travel Guide in the mail yesterday. It recommends journeys to such places as Peru, India, Tanzania, Egypt, and Morocco. The cover depicting an ornately decorated door in a dazzling array of jewel-tones was so inspiring, I had the urge to make an inspiration board around it. Now all I need is a trip to Morocco...

From Upper Left: Schumacher Bagan fabric in Peacock, Ippolita jewelry, Todd Merrill Hans-Agne Jakobsson Chandelier, Jayson Home and Garden's Vintage Velour Ikat Pillows, Ten Thousand Village's Hanging Votive Lantern, The Well Appointed House's Dransfield & Ross Morocco Table in Red.

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