01.26.2011 / Games


Since the weather has been frigid and snowy here in NYC (not sure if I've mentioned that lately), we've been sharing fun games to play inside. This morning, as I sit gazing out at the giant snowflakes, I was inspired (perhaps by my daydreaming) to share fun ideas for a Summer Game Room. Armed with the backgammon boards and playing cards we've shared with you thus far, now it's time to find the perfect place to play these games. I absolutely love game tables! Any time I myself or one of my clients has a decent-sized nook, corner of a room, or spot underneath a window, I jump at the opportunity to put a game table there. So, without further adieu, here is a fun, bright, Summer Game Room to brighten up this snowy day!

1. Set of four Milo Baughman chairs from 1stdibs.com 2. Brown & Tan Stripe Backgammon Set from www.ebay.com 3. Zenyatta Mondatta Peacock fabric from Schumacher (This would be great to recover the cushions of the chairs in!) 4. Gustavo Olivieri High Glam Game Table with Chartreise Top from www.1stdibs.com. 5. Silver Rooster Martini Shaker (perfect summer touch!) from www.wellappointedhouse.com.

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01.25.2011 / Games

Pick a Card...

The good news is that it's a few degrees warmer today in NYC but the bad news is that there are giant snowflakes falling from the sky! So, our cabin fever cures continue. Today we want to share fun decks of playing cards with you. There's nothing like a few rounds of War, Go Fish, or Poker to help make the time pass.

personalized playing cards in zebra or filigree print make a great gift and a great coffee table topper.

These Typeface Playing Cards feature the images of well-known designers. For each designer, a typeface was selected to match their overall vibe.

These monogrammed playing cards from Soiree San Francisco come with their own lucite holder.

Love the colors of these retro playing cards from Etsy.com!

Kikkerland's silver metallic playing cards are my personal fave. They're available at www.allmodern.com.

Of course Hermes would have fabulous playing cards.This particular set is meant for playing bridge but they also offer decks for poker and memory.

While these invisible cards may pose a problem when trying to pick them up, it's a very cool idea. Available at www.allmodern.com.

These Cocktail Cards each feature a popular cocktail in a vintage glass, along with the recipe to make the drink.

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01.24.2011 / Games

Cabin Fever

It was ten degrees outside when I woke up this morning...TEN measly degrees. So, it's safe to say that I'm going to do anything and everything possible to stay inside. With a diagnosis of cabin fever, I think the prescription is...games! Sometimes we forget about how much fun a good old-fashioned board game can be. Here are some of my top picks for Backgammon Boards. Hey, even if you don't want to play, buying one for decoration is a good way to pass the time as well!

1stdibs.com is a great place to find any sort of vintage game. I found this unique 1970's lucite and chrome backgammon set designed by American artist and furniture designer Charles Hollis Jones.

Horchow sells this backgammon table that is encased in white embossed crocodile. I'd love to have this on my coffee table!

Britsih artist and engineer Daniel Chadwick designed this collectino of 50 acrylic backgammon sets in 4 fabulous colorways. Available at www.othercritera.com.

It's no surprise that jack of all trades designer Jonathan Adler has a backgammon set. Categorized as "Palm Beach Chic," this cheery set has a needlepoint background and is encased in white acrylic.

Another great source to find unique game sets is ebay.com. I found this particular set on an ebay store called "The Chess Store." It literally comes in every color under the sun!

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