06.18.2010 / Father's Day

Rad Dads

I love Etsy and I love DAD and the two together are just not to be beat! It's DAD'S day as we all know and there is no better thing to get the guy who always gets himself whatever he wants/ needs than a hand made card! Maybe making it yourself would be better; But, who's got the time? That's where Etsy comes in very very handy at this late hour!Check out all the cool cards for all the cool dads that I was able to find in under 5:

For the DAD who wears a suit to work, but loves a fun lining.

For the DAD who wanted the anchor tattoo and never got it.

For the DAD who is into labels!

For the DAD above who likes a good color scheme.

For the DAD above who likes a good color scheme, but with some pattern.

For the DAD who envisions himself in a cape on most days.

For most DADS on most DAYS.

:) Happy Father's Day!

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