04.24.2013 / FASHION

Can't Get Enough of...

There is something so perfect about a relaxed tote bag paired with some fun booties that is just so very New York "it girl" chic. All you need is some well worn denim and a light jacket and you're good to go. This is absolutely my go-to outfit for everyday!

A few of my favorite totes and boots around:

1.Sam Edelman Louis Fringe Booties & Newbark Snake Bag
2.Ugg Maliha & Cava Suede Tote
3.See by Chloe SB20114 & Givenchy George V Ball Bag
4.Sam Edelman Petty Leopard Booties & Bottega Veneta Large Lino Spalmato Tote

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10.17.2012 / FASHION

Wear Your Scare

At some point its time to leave the costumes to the kids. But a festive nod to this spooky holiday is certainly in order. Try a spooky bracelet adorned with sculls, snakes, or spikes! These ghoulish accessories are sure to stick around long after the candy has disappeared.

1.Alexander McQueen Scull Wrap12.Asos Cross Bracelet13.Jennifer Fisher Bone Cuff14.House of Harlow Snake Cuff15.Topshop Scull Bracelet16.Giles & Brother Railroad Spike Bracelet

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10.09.2012 / FASHION

Oxblood Abounds

Not so long ago it seems that just about every girl was wild about wearing a deep red and black color called “vamp” on their nails and lips. Apparently what comes around goes around and a decade is a long time in the fashion world. This season the color is back in a big way, only now we're calling it "oxblood" and seeing it everywhere from handbags to lingerie. If you want to get on trend here are some of my top oxblood picks:

1.Alexander McQueen Oxblood Suede Tote12.Prada Leather Crisscross Platform Sandals13.Topshop Oxblood Camisole14.RGB Oxblood nail polish05.Nars Scarlett Empress lipstick

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09.27.2012 / FASHION

Horsing Around

I just came across the cutest pair of horse head earrings at C Wonder! And its made me mad for all things equestrian related. And just in time for boots and jeans weather! Here are a few of my favorite equine items:
1.Asos horse sweaterii2.C Wonder horse head earringsii
3.Hermes gold cuffii4.Hermes riding jacketii5.Les Nouvelles riding pantsii
6.Ralph Lauren riding bootii7.Etsy horse pillowii8.Jonathan Adler ceramic horse

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09.24.2012 / FASHION

"Fall-Ing For The Perfect City Bag"

Now that the weather has turned and I'm officially back in NYC I'm searching for the perfect bag to tote around town. I'm inspired by all the adorable celeb moms (i.e. Reese Witherspoon, Katie Homes, Michelle Williams) that are constantly pictured looking oh-so-chic with their cross-body bags and toddlers in toe.

I've narrowed down my bag list to these 4 choices. Any suggestions?

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07.27.2012 / FASHION

Rain Rain Go Away

All the rain of these last few days doesn’t seem ready to let up.
But not to worry!

Strap on a pair of waterproof jellies,a glammed up version of the summer shoes you loved as a kid,
and splash around in the puddles in style!

1.Marc Jacobs orange jelly sandles12.Missoni T-strap sandal13.Marc by Marc Jacons flat14.SODA Ian sandal

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03.14.2012 / Beach Bags

What's in my beach bag?

Summer is here! Well, at least it certainly feels like it. And in honor of this breathing weather that were having I'm interrupting our week focusing on color, to prep my beach bag. Summer may not be officially here, but hey, at least I'll be ready. Will you?

1.Stella McCartney Sunglasses2.Superdry sandlesi3.Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishi4. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizeri5. Bobble Filtered Waterbottlei6.Beau Soleil Beach Bagi7. Apple iPodi8.Missoni beach toweli9. Philip B Beach Mist10. Eugenia Kim Fedorai11.Vogue Australia

Mom (on the left), one summer not so long ago.

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By Jan Hall Carey Smith on March 16, 2012 09:30 AM
OMG!! What a flash from the past!! I'm pretty sure they were at WLCC...not only is that where most of us hung out most of the time, but i also recognize the light fixture in the back ground. Now I'm feeling quite nostalgic!!
By Becca Berk on March 16, 2012 08:49 AM
Love the pic of kiki!!! So cute!
By Paulette Arnold on March 14, 2012 16:18 PM
LOVE the picture of Kathy. She was and is lovely.
By Meredith on March 14, 2012 10:19 AM
Oh, Laura, thanks for sharing this pic of your mom. Beautiful! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
11.30.2010 / Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon-Brains and Beauty behind Jimmy Choo

Yesterday's post about the Jimmy Choo/Marilyn Minter collaboration got me thinking about the sexy spread of Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon's apartment in the August 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar. I was drooling over her posh digs-and I still am! Tamara is a powerful business woman, doting mother, and on top of it all, quite a sex symbol. Her recent nude photos shot by world renowned photographer Terry Richardson underline that title of sex symbol...meow! Here are some shots of the Jimmy Choo powerhouse:

Love this shot! Tamara is sprawled out on her perfectly tufted sofa with a backdrop of...count them...SIX Guido Mocafico Serpens photographs chowing down on what appears to be a happy meal.

Mellon are her daughter lounge in their swanky entry-way that is lit with a neon sign by artist Terence Koh. A girl after my own heart, I was in the midst of designing a neon sign for my Guest Bedroom when I saw this!

Mellon has your average, run-of-the-mill home office...NOT! This Jansen desk is just as glamorous as Mellon herself. I wonder what kind of sumptuous shoes she dreams up sitting here.

I love the citrus palette along with the dark chocolately hues found in Mellon's Living Room. It's the right combination of bright, cheery, yet sophisticated.

Cozy and chic. Enough said.

A shoe closet fit for...well, I guess fit for the owner of Jimmy Choo!

Make sure the kids aren't around! Here's the vixen posing sans clothes on her very own sofa for photographer Terry Richardson (note-this was not part of the Harper's Bazaar spread.) The happy meal has been replaced very appropriately by an ash tray and that kitten...well...meow.

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06.24.2010 / Beach Bags

Where to Stash Your Beach Stuff

How is it that it only takes us a few seasons to forget how to acclimate to the other seasons??? I always forget how much STUFF that a family of three needs during the summer! From carrying anything from snacks to sun tan lotion, it's important to have the perfect beach tote to ensure that all belongings are accounted for and stylishly being held. Here are a few of my personal faves!

Here's the bag I just bought for the summer. It's called the "Goldie" by Beau Soleil and it's made out of 100% undyed cotton canvas and undyed recycled rope handles! The only downside is that it's on back order until July 15th. I want it now!

LeSportsac is always a brand to rely on! This great-sized, durable "Erika Contrast Tote" looks tough enough to withstand the sand and maybe even a two-year-old!

Talk about a conversation piece. Not only does this Sea Bags Large Surf Tote draw attention for it's cool "SURF" detail, but it's also made out of 100% recycled sails.

Free City is one of my favorite brands because it's made in the U.S.A, and it's also pretty darn cool. I love this casual Life Nature Love Tote for a quick trip to the store or a long day at the beach.

Now here's the way to tote in style. This Pucci Foresta Print Beach Tote is entrancing. No need to fear, it's made of coated canvas to keep it's precious Pucci surface clean and safe!

I love this J. Crew Seaside Tote because it's so versatile. It's neutral enough to work with any outfit (or swimsuit for that matter) and the gold handle adds a nice flair!

No one says sand and surf better than Roxy. This Wild Side Bag in Hot Lava Pink is so fun and I like the fact that is has a closure so no sand comes home with you.

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