06.30.2010 / Clic Gallery

Clic Gallery

So with Lulu DK on my mind lately (see yesterday's post), I was on her blog and read that she was showing a small amount of her work at Clic Gallery in Easthampton. Being right up the street from me, I had to jump in the car to go take a look!

I walked right in to see some of the best design books staring back at me. Of course, leave it to Christiane Celle (of Calypso St. Barth's fame) to open a gallery that displays books with the same thought as the art! I always love forward facing book shelves!

Notice the Damien Hirst skateboard on the top shelf (upper right) hanging out amongst this very well curated selection of books? I love how it seems so casually placed.

Behold the Lulu piece! Even from afar it's so amazing.

With birds, bathing beauties, beasts, and beautiful flowers, this piece entitled "Hello Minerva" would make me feel like smiling and dancing every time I looked at it. There is such a festive tone to it, don't you think?

Clic also had these awesome pieces by surfer Tony Caramanico. He kept his surf journal from the 60's and a few years ago, he began blowing up, digitally printing, framing and selling the pages.

I mean, talk about inspiring me to step it up on the journal keeping! These are AWESOME in person!

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