02.03.2011 / Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year: Year of the Rabbit

Today marks the start of Chinese New Year and it's out with the volatile year of the Tiger and in with the tranquil year of the Rabbit. With this transition, we've been conjuring up calm images of warm fuzzy blankets, adorable bunny rabbits, and cuddling up with a nice hot cup of Chinese tea.

Clockwise from upper left: Sakura Cast Iron Teapot available from www.teavana.com , authentic Chinese Green Tea available at www.dreamabouttea.com, Handmade Leather Journal available at www.etsy.com , Areaware Rabbit Pillow available at www.velocityartanddesign.com, Plaid Pistes merino wool blanket available at www.hermes.com, Cypres candle (known for it's calming effects available at www.barneys.com

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