01.18.2011 / Barneys NY

Light it Up!

Here in NYC, it may be freaking freezing outsie, but it's neon HOT inside of the windows at Barneys. The windows, each dedicated to a different fabulous designer, and each given a different glowing color are a great contrast to the gray gloom of Winter. In our latest issue, I took you inside of my home and gave you a look at my very own neon art that hangs in my GUEST BEDROOM (scroll down to the slideshow.) I'm hoping this is a trend that doesn't go anywhere soon because it has me glowing...pun intended!

Designer Alaia is known as the "King of Cling" and the frocks this orange neon light is glowing upon are no exception. Skin tight and fresh-just like an orange peel!

Givenchy is known for it's space-age minimalism. This simple, cool, geometric display is right in line with that aesthetic.

Lanvin defines modern elegance. I think this display was my absolute favorite...maybe because the pair of shoes got their own chair.

Sleek, slick and chic-three words that describe Bottega Veneta and this uber cool couple as well. I mean, this dude is swinging on a neon swing carrying some neon tubes with a red neon mustache? I don't think it gets much cooler than that.

Celine is known for it's high end sporty appeal. I can definitely imagine these blue-headed ladies on their way to a tennis match!

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